Minister Anthony Hodge is the founder of Finding the Lost Sheep and serves the Winter Garden community by providing food, clothing and the good news of Jesus Christ. Minister Hodge has been in  jail 23 times, prison 5 times and his personal testimony is: “through drugs crimes and violence, from jail to institution, god had a purpose for my life”.  He is famous for his coined phrase: “I am not ashamed about where I’ve been because I am too excited about where I am going”.

Finding the Lost Sheep is a grass-roots rescue operation; the kind that changes one person at a time. From the age of 17 to the age of 41, the was in and out of jail or prison, and it was in prison when the lord changed his life, in the year of 2000 he was in state prison Okeechobee, and it was there that he realized that the spirit of the lord came upon him, he was walking from the rec yard with about 700 men all dressed the same, and he was looking around and saw the razor wire and gun power, and he asked his self “am I really locked up, and that’s when he realized whom the sun sets free is free indeed.

And that same freedom he uses today in 2011. He just celebrated 10 years march 23 2011.  People said he would never make it.